Friday, May 30, 2008

How We Met!

Our Story?

Such a cliché beginning. We met at institute. Nothing too exciting. My friends had been planning a big "date-only" (yippee!) shindig on the weekend--only it wasn't really planned, and one friend, Lisa, and I were a little skeptical it was going to really come together. On my way to find the planner, I found another friend in the group. When I asked if he was going, he wasn't sure if he was invited because he didn't have a date. I seized the opportunity and invited him as my date to check it off the list. When I found the planner she was talking to some guy I didn't know. She stopped me from rambling and introduced me. Brenda, this is our new friend Trevor. I wish I could say something romantic that I was swept away in the moment, but in all reality I simply turned to him, smiled brightly and stuck out my hand, Hi, new friend Trevor. I'm Brenda. I'm sure he was left breathless or something. I mean, this is me we are talking about. Ha!

The next night I was helping Lisa recover our fabulous $5 sofa we found at the thrift store. Her roommates come over with said new friend Trevor to set up for the shindig the next day. I noticed him, and I thought he was attractive, but I've never been one to compete with other girls or vie for attention, so I didn't interact with him much at all, but just kept doing my thing. Of course, being interested in design and piqued curiosity about me, Trevor did come talk to Lisa and me a little here and there, but nothing happened--yet. ;)

Prior to decorating, the girls who were entertaining Trevor decided to show him Ferrets: A Pursuit of Excellence, as some sort of initiation. There are some really annoying songs, and we needed something to get it out of our heads. Deciding to be random, as usual, I started singing If We Hold on Together from the first Land Before Time. Trevor appreciated the song, and I simply thought prissily (is that a word?) to myself, Yup! He loves my voice! Hee Hee!

The next night was the big shindig. Trevor met up with his date who lived at the house, I met up with my date, and we were sitting on opposite ends of the table. I was having fun just living in the moment and flirting with my date and another friend. Though neither of us were interested, we were both enjoying the date. However, the odd thing was, though I wasn't paying much attention to anyone other than the people around me (there were 12 people around the table), I was caught off guard a few times by Trevor laughing or commenting specifically at my joke/story and flashing a big smile just at me. Now I'm not completely dense, I knew he was flirting with me. This just made me enjoy the night even more.

As the night drew on, people left, and people were mingling. Trevor started talking to me, a few people joined the conversation for a little bit, but it was mostly just the two of us. We quickly found we had a lot in common. We both have a background in cabinetry and tiling--just different spectrums. I had the design experience, and he had the practical experience with hands on design, but more than anything we developed an appreciation for each other's appeal for design.

After that night we saw each other at institute and I teased him that I didn't know if I should talk to him as I had gotten in trouble for apparently monopolizing his time. He misunderstood and thought I was backing off because a friend of mine might be interested in him. Finally after seeing each other at instutite, five weeks later he got my phone number.

Just before our first date he called to see where I live--just to find out we had been living 3 blocks apart from each other for 9 months! It was such an easy fun date. He was the perfect gentleman, opening my door for me to get in and out of the car, at the restaurant he asked what I wanted and ordered for me, and he was completely enthralled with whatever bit of randomness came out of my head.

Our date lasted 7 hours! That is a long time for a first date, but we had such a great time, we didn't want the night to end. And the night, of course, ended on a high point-- The Star Wars Holiday Special. Oh yes, it exists. It came up in an earlier conversation. Trevor, being the avid Star Wars fan that he is, had heard rumors, but never anything substantiated. When I confirmed it, he set out to find it online. It was almost painful, and if it hadn't been for the fact that it was our first date, I don't think we would have made it through it!

And that is the story of how we met and how it all began... =)

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